Driving While Prohibited

Filkow Law deals with driving while prohibited cases daily and across BC. The lawyers at Filkow Law use every resource and strategy available and are well-known for the exceptional results they achieve in driving while prohibited cases.

Driving While Prohibited in the Criminal Code

It is against the law to drive if you know you are prohibited. You may be prohibited for many reasons including alcohol or drug-related driving offences, too many traffic tickets, by the Court, by the Police or by notice from RoadSafetyBC. The consequences of driving while prohibited are significant and include mandatory fines and lengthy driving prohibitions. The penalties for driving while prohibited may include:

  • jail time
  • a minimum one-year driving prohibition
  • a minimum $500 fine
  • 10 penalty points on your driving record
  • increased insurance premium penalties
  • a further driving prohibition from RoadSafetyBC
  • no insurance or ICBC accident coverage
  • a permanent record for driving while prohibited
  • a criminal record

How to Defend a Driving While Prohibited Charge in BC

For every subsequent offence, the consequences are more significant and carry mandatory jail sentences.

Police vehicles are equipped with Automatic Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology that can detect licence plates from hundreds of vehicles in the vicinity. This technology allows the police to scan and identify prohibited drivers in their surroundings.

There are multiple ways to defend a driving while prohibited charge. You should not simply plead guilty! Your defence requires an understanding of the Motor Vehicle Act, your Charter rights and the laws of evidence, including the documents that the police and Crown Counsel rely on to prove a case against you. There are always legal arguments and legal representations to be made.

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