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Drug Charges

Drug offences lawyers In Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and Kelowna, BC

Are you facing drug charges in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey or Kelowna, BC?

Convictions for drug possession, trafficking, importing or production under Canada’s laws will result in you having a criminal record – and very likely a sentence of imprisonment. The government has recently introduced tougher sentences for drug crimes. A criminal record for drugs will have devastating effects on employment and travel opportunities.

If you are being investigated or charged with a drug offence, contact Filkow Law at 604-558-8778.

An experienced criminal defence lawyer to defend your drug charges

It is vital to retain an experienced criminal defence lawyer to defend your drug case. The legal issues and the criminal process can be very complicated. Do not plead guilty before speaking to a lawyer. You should consult a lawyer with a strong track record in defending clients on drug cases to assist you in court and in dealing with the police. Mr. Filkow is a highly experienced drug lawyer. Filkow Law is increasingly being retained on drug cases throughout British Columbia.

Defending you against drug offence charges for possession, production, trafficking and importing of an illegal substance

Mr. Filkow’s extensive experience in defending clients against drug offence charges ranges from simple possession to the complexities of import cases and the production of illegal substances. He is actively engaged on a daily basis in representing individuals charged with criminal drug offences.

Mr. Filkow has extensive experience in defending against all four main drug charges: possession, production, trafficking and importing of an illegal substance. Mr. Filkow has successfully defended countless drug trafficking, drug possession, cocaine busts and “dial-a-dope” cases.

It’s vital to have an experienced criminal lawyer to defend you against drug offence charges.