Immediate Roadside Prohibitions in BC (IRPs)

Filkow Law is a leading authority on criminal drinking, impaired driving, drinking and driving laws and the Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) regime. The lawyers at Filkow Law have succeeded in hundreds of alcohol-related driving offences and Immediate Roadside Prohibition cases.

An Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) is not a criminal case, but it is also not a traffic ticket. It is a serious alcohol-related offence under the Motor Vehicle Act with a number of immediate and lasting consequences including:

  • a 90-day driving prohibition (90 day driving suspension)
  • a 30-day vehicle impoundment including towing and storage costs
  • a $500 administrative penalty
  • a $250 licence reinstatement fee
  • completion of the Responsible Driver Program (alcohol counselling) and related costs
  • potential (or required) installation of an ignition interlock device in any vehicle that you drive and related costs
  • a permanent alcohol-related driving record

The consequences can be even more significant if it is a second alcohol-related prohibition or IRP.

An IRP in BC is issued by a police officer at the roadside in two circumstances:

(1) When the driver is alleged to have failed a roadside screening device test, or

(2) When the driver is alleged to have refused or failed to comply with the roadside test without a reasonable excuse.

The law, evidence, and the review process for IRPs is a very specialized practice area. There are specific legal issues and defences for IRPs in BC that require the assistance of highly experienced counsel.

You should contact Filkow Law immediately if you have been served with an IRP.  There is a strict 7-day time limit to file for a review.

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