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Recent Cases

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Case No. 3356
Charges: Attempted Murder
Result: Client released on bail with minimal conditions pending trial

Case No. 3745
Charges: Multiple Drug Trafficking and Firearm Possession including fentanyl
Result: Charges stayed due to delay resulting from incomplete disclosure

Case No. 4384
Charges: Impaired Driving
Result: Criminal charges dismissed, Plea to a Motor Vehicle Act infraction instead with a 1-month (vs 1-year) prohibition

Case No. 4298
Charges: Voyeurism
Result: Discharge, client received no criminal record

Case No. 3915
Charges: Insurance Vehicle Act Fraud
Result: Following trial, all charges dismissed

Case No. 4580
Charges: Dangerous Driving, Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose, Possession of a Controlled Substance
Result: All criminal charges dismissed

Case No. 3870
Charges: Breaking and Entering, Assault with a Weapon, Unlawful Confinement, Assault, Uttering Threats, Possession of a Weapon
Result: Plea to one lesser count of forcible entry, client received a discharge, avoiding a criminal record

Case No. 3215
Charges: Indecent Exposure X 2, Breaching an undertaking
Result: Plea to one count of indecent exposure, client received a discharge and no criminal record

Case No. 4723
Charges: 90-day Roadside Prohibition for Failing an ASD test
Result: Prohibition overturned, client received license and vehicle back

Case No. 3981
Charges: 6-month driving prohibition from RoadSafetyBC
Result: Prohibition reduced to shortest period possible, 1-month

Case No. 3656
Charges: 13 counts of Trafficking in a Controlled Substance
Result: All charges dismissed due to unreasonable delay

Case No. 3898
Charges: Impaired Driving, Dangerous Driving, and driving with a BAC of over 0.08
Result: Impaired driving charges dismissed, Client received no criminal record on the Dangerous Driving charge.

Case No 3889
Charges: Motor Vehicle Act Driving without Due Care, Driving without Reasonable Consideration and Unsafe Lane Change
Result: All charges dismissed

Case No. 3478
Charges: Sexual Assault of a Minor
Result: Client initially facing 4 years prison. After negotiations and a contested hearing, client sentenced to 12 months house arrest, no jail.

Case No. 3697
Charges: Driving While Prohibited X 2
Result: Reduced to a MVA infraction, client received 1-month driving prohibition as opposed to the 3-year minimum for multiple Driving While Prohibited charges.

Case No. 4102
Charges: 14 count indictment
Result: Client previously denied bail twice because of breaches. Granted bail pending trial