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Serious Driving Offences

Experienced Driving Lawyers in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond & Kelowna

For over 25 years Filkow Law has been legal counsel to drivers on a wide variety of serious driving offences including pedestrian fatality cases and serious bodily injury cases. These serious driving offences involve an extensive police investigation and often media attention and public pressure. From the driver’s point of view there is significant legal exposure including criminal, civil and insurance issues.

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Serious Driving Offences Police Investigations

The police investigations in these cases are quite lengthy. The investigations involve witness interviews, video evidence, traffic reconstruction analysis, engineering and mechanical inspections, injury reports and various police and expert materials. There are many important legal issues that arise at the investigating stage and it is best to retain experienced counsel at the earliest opportunity.

Depending on the investigation and the evidence, criminal charges may be recommended by the police and approved by Crown Counsel. There are a variety of criminal charges carrying very significant penalties including jail terms and lengthy driving prohibitions. These criminal charges include drinking and driving, dangerous driving, criminal negligence, hit and run, failing to stop for the police, causing a police pursuit, refusing to provide a breath sample and other serious criminal driving offences.

On the other hand, the police may recommend Motor Vehicle Act charges. These charges laid by Crown Counsel include driving without due care and attention, driving without consideration for others, excessive speeding, failing to stop for the police, hit and run, failing to yield to a pedestrian and other Motor Vehicle Act sections.

Finally, at the end of the investigation, there may be a police recommendation for no charges because the investigation or evidence does not support unlawful driving behaviour.

Why You Need an Experienced Serious Driving Offences Lawyer

Serious driving offences means more serious consequences. Filkow law represents many clients that are being investigated or have been charged with serious driving offenses for over 25 years. We understand how these charges can be defended at all stages of the investigation and we know how to achieve successful resolutions for our clients.

If you have been involved in an accident or if you have been involved in a serious driving offense, it is very important to retained an experienced legal team to prepare and strategize your case.