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Theft & Fraud

Fraud, credit card fraud, employer theft and identity theft lawyers

Filkow Law is recognized for its expertise in theft, fraud, credit card fraud and forgery cases

Have you been accused of theft, fraud or forgery? An accusation can include a wide variety of criminal charges – and any one of them can potentially result in severe consequences. Convictions in theft and fraud cases can have a devastating impact on your future employment and ability to travel. Charges for theft and fraud can include:

  • theft or fraud
  • business fraud
  • employer theft
  • forgery
  • credit card fraud
  • shoplifting
  • auto theft
  • ICBC fraud

Mr. Filkow has achieved extraordinary outcomes in several of the largest credit card fraud and employer theft cases ever in British Columbia. Call Filkow Law at 604-558-8778

The best possible defence for fraud, credit card fraud and theft

Like all criminal cases, theft and fraud cases have serious implications so you should have the best criminal defence lawyer possible for your theft and fraud case. Filkow Law with criminal lawyers in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and Kelowna, BC will ensure that you do. Mr. Filkow has achieved excellent outcomes for his clients in all types and sizes of theft and fraud cases, including several of British Columbia’s largest ever credit card fraud cases.

More than 20 years of experience in fraud and theft cases

You should have experienced, expert representation to protect your rights. Mr. Filkow knows the people involved and understands the criminal justice system – he draws on more than 25 years of experience in getting successful results in theft and fraud cases to craft the best strategy and defence for your case. See the exceptional results Mr. Filkow has achieved.

Your questions about theft and fraud charges need expert answers

Many people charged with fraud or theft feel overwhelmed and have many questions about fraud and theft laws. Here are typical questions:

  • How can a lawyer help me with a theft or fraud charge?
  • What are the penalties or consequences for theft or fraud?
  • Can I go to jail for a theft or fraud charge?
  • What is the best way to deal with my fraud or theft charge?
  • What happens if I’m found guilty of employee theft — stealing from an employer?
  • How do they prove credit card fraud?

Expertise in credit card fraud

Canada has created a number of credit card fraud related offences to deal with credit card-related crime. These offences can carry severe penalties, including up to 10 years in jail. Mr. Filkow is experienced in dealing with the nuances of credit card theft and fraud and can help counsel you on the best way to deal with these charges.

Experience in business fraud, employer theft, and internal theft

If you are accused of stealing from your employer, or internal theft, there can be even more extreme consequences, including likely jail time. If you have been charged with employee theft or theft from your employer, it is extremely important that you receive proper legal advice.

It’s vital to have an experienced criminal lawyer to defend you against Theft, Fraud, Credit Card Fraud and Forgery charges